Busted - Songs for Johnny

by Benny K

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released March 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Benny K Wisconsin

Twin Cities song and dance man, Benny K, composes and performs for the folk heart of the north.

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Track Name: Being Sold
You stole your blues from Muddy Waters.
Track Name: Building Uptown
There's faces of millions of people
Stained from the work of a day
Who don't have enough to buy food with what they call pay
There's factories eating the cropland
And Villages turned into slaves
And we're told that atrocities don't really happen these days
And it's so cold
There's a building uptown and it shimmers
As it's standing up into the sky
There's a man sleeping below in the shade of a sign
There's fences surrounding the ghetto
And you can't get out once you're inside
I'd love to stop by for a chat
I've got things on my mind
And it's so cold
So go home yankee boy
Let a flock of geese carry you away
And go home yankee girl
Let your sorrow wash into the sea
Track Name: Being Alright
And now this must begin
Our tired ways have done us in
And we're falling out of place
Still afraid this could be our day
When a second wind is all we need
To finish up this undertaking

But it was based on misinformation
Before you take on the world
Before, after, against, and among my friends, I've grown

Because what if means nothing
And regrets are cheap
Good thing I stole this story
So you'd understand me
When a second chance wasn't worth it
I'll make the call, but that's not going to cut it.

I'm broken, but I'm okay
We're okay
Let them know we're okay

Straight out of Wisconsin
We're the punk rock kids
Love Dropkicks, but we hate mosh pits
We're the first, the best, the latest, greatest and last
When you're rolling through the hood it's Watch Me Shatter that you blast
Cause our heads are filled with indie
And our hearts are filled with soul
Our ears are filled with copper
And our fingers filled with gold
We step up to the mic like we're ready for a fight
And we're such bad boys we've got stocking full of coal

Get get get down, Watch Me Shatter is joking your town